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A glimpse into the future at Aleph Objects

Aleph Objects Loveland – – Founded: 2011 In mid-spring, Forbes published an article titled, “LulzBot 3D Printers: A Glimpse Into the Future of American Manufacturing.” The subject was the boom of the 3D printing market, and Aleph Objects was at the center of the game-changing storyline.[...]


Here are our top 15 municipal golf courses

Municipal golf is at the soul of the game. Without it, there would be no game, no industry, no golf superstars on television. While country club golf represents the cream of the crop, municipal golf is where every man gets his start. “Thank goodness for muni golf,” said Ed Mate, executive director of the Colorado Golf As[...]


You need to play these scenic Colorado golf courses at least once

Let’s go on a little fantasy golf tour. It’s not going to be about the highest-rated courses, whatever that means in the subjective world of course ratings. Let’s just say, “Hey, we’re in Colorado with an unlimited budget and a month of free time. Where do we play we might not have heard of?” This[...]

Magazine Articles

A downtown revitalization is stirring in Sterling

As in many small towns, when folks in Sterling watch a live performance, they are likely sitting in the high school auditorium or maybe the mixed-use event center/gymnasium at the regional college. While Sterling locals attend comedy nights at restaurants or concerts at the First Presbyterian Church, downtown revitalization supporter[...]

Made in Colorado

Made in Colorado 2016's top five winners and finalists

Made in Colorado exists to foster the business-to-business connections, the sharing of stories and commitments to products and processes. Putting that all under one roof for a collection of conversations is the way for ColoradoBiz to move the needle toward progress for the sector as a whole.   Our recent Made in Colorado manufa[...]

Made in Colorado

Made in Colorado 2016: Mayka Maloney

Mayka Maloney sample maker and production sewer The Whole Works, Rifle Founded in 2015, The Whole Works quickly won both clients and accolades for its apt pairing of a contract cut-and-sew business with a socially conscious mission of creating jobs for women transitioning off federal assistance. And Maloney’s “serendi[...]

Made in Colorado

Made in Colorado 2016: Mike "Lefty" McGuckian

Mike “Lefty” McGuckian manufacturing manager Trine Aerospace & Defense, Colorado Springs McGuckian, 55, earned the nickname “Lefty” when he started working in the shop at a California aerospace museum with three other Mikes in 1982. Even though he’s right-handed, the name stuck. After studying ae[...]

Community News

Alpine Bank is nominated for International Green Industry Hall of Fame

Alpine Bank is among this year’s nominees for the International Green Industry Hall of Fame (IGIHOF). The 2015 Hall of Fame inductees will be recognized at the sixth annual IGIHOF Conference and Induction Ceremony on March 9 in Clovis, Calif. Each year, IGIHOF seeks nominations from the public for individuals or businesses tha[...]

Made in Colorado

Boa's RiNo headquarters: The cool stuff going on inside

Experiencing the weaknesses of traditional laces on snowboards and hockey skates, “Boa® Closure System was founded in late 1990's by a Southern California surfer, Gary Hammerslag, who had relocated to Steamboat Springs with his family. At first, gaining traction in the snow sports arena with brands such as K2, Boa&rsq[...]


The strange bedfellows who created Rocky Mt. National Park

THEN You’d be hard-pressed to find two people more different than Freelan Oscar “F.O.” Stanley and Enos Abijah Mills. F.O. Stanley and his twin, Francis Edgar “F.E.” Stanley, were wealthy East Coast businessmen who made their money in dry-plate photography but were renowned for inventing the Stanl[...]

Community News

EMPOWER Centers offers dynamic therapy services for low-income youth

EMPOWER Centers is a newly created nonprofit that seeks to address income disparity for families with children suffering with mental health issues. Founded by Mary Nord Cook, former Medical Director of the Department of Psychiatry at  the Children’s Hospital Colorado, EMPOWER Centers has a core group of social workers and[...]

Company Perspectives

From side business to powerhouse: The Emerald Isle story

Bill and Sandy Lamberton founded Emerald Isle Landscaping the same year – 1977 – their son Rory was born. In the intervening years, Rory grew up, took over the family business and turned it into a statewide landscaping dynamo with 140 full-time employees. Rory recently earned his MBA and is now pursuing a law degree. &ld[...]


The CTA brings tech-savvy Colorado to Washington

The Colorado Technology Association plans to meet with leaders in technology and innovation during a three-day trip to Washington, D.C. that will spotlight  actionable business goals, initiatives and insights to further position Colorado in the 21st century marketplace. The meetings, which began Monday, bring together CTA&rsquo[...]


The last great monopoly of the Industrial Age is dying

Our traditional education system is the last great monopoly of the Industrial Age and is awkwardly out of synch with the Participation Age in which we live. Education Won't Make You Successful The present system was designed in the mid 1800's specifically to feed the factory system, for the benefit of a few indu[...]

Community News

H+L Architecture completes its merger

Treanor Architects of Lawrence, Kan. has merged with H+L Architecture, which is headquartered in Denver. H+L and Treanor will temporarily maintain their names but plan to work together during the coming months to develop a new branding identity that will encapsulate the culture and history that unite them. About Treanor Architects:[...]

Magazine Articles

Here's why you want to exit at Silver Plume

Exit 226 off Interstate 70 is one of the least-used off ramps of the mountain corridor. In 2012, Shae Whitney and Brady Becker took it and stumbled upon a 600-square-foot 1890s mining supply store and former bakery in the old mining town of Silver Plume after a day of play on the peaks. Already, Whitney had begun applying her educati[...]

Company Perspectives

Why Colorado's messy liquor laws make businesses happy

Point a finger at 1933 and the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution for the tangled mess of liquor laws in Colorado. Yet, as imbibers who visit other states know, the Centennial State does not have the corner on the market for complicated liquor laws and distribution systems. Following the repeal of Prohibition, each of the state[...]


Will energy's bust take the economy with it?

As Yogi Berra said, it’s déjà vu all over again. Prices for oil and gas have plummeted. Drilling in the Denver-Julesburg Basin has been halved. Layoffs in Colorado’s energy sector have occurred almost weekly. Can massive office vacancies in downtown Denver be far off? It happened before, when Colorado&rsquo[...]


Colorado schools are heeding the call for rapid ROI

Everyone wants to spend their money wisely, and that includes college students and their parents. Schools are facing increased pressure to show they are not only preparing students for careers, but making sure they start these careers soon. High placement rates and other statistics can help schools compete. The U.S. Department of Ed[...]


Weighing debt’s toll on entrepreneurship

What effect does debt have on college graduates’ entrepreneurial aspirations? If college students take out loans to pay for their education, will they be less likely to start a new company because they’re so worried about paying off their debt? These questions generate passion on both sides of the issue. “For way [...]