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Top Company 2015: Cherwell Software

Lisa Ryckman //August 31, 2015//

Top Company 2015: Cherwell Software

Lisa Ryckman //August 31, 2015//

Winner: Software

Cherwell Software    

Three words from them, about them: Heart. Hunger. Humility.

Cherwell Software considers itself an “enabler of empowerment” – enabling businesses to dream big, employees to love what they do, and customers to share their best practices with each other.

The Colorado Springs-based business technology and IT service management company has created “mergeable applications”— or mApp solutions — that work with the Cherwell Service Management platform, enabling customers and partners to quickly and easily install and merge new functionality or capabilities. Merging mApp solutions is easy and codeless so functionality can be expanded without complex application development.

Cherwell serves clients in more than 40 countries, with additional offices in the United Kingdom and Germany. Keeping its more than 270 employees happy and productive is a top priority, co-founder and CEO Vance Brown says. To that end, each department has a gratitude board where teammates post notes, and awards are given out at quarterly all hands’ meetings. Employees participate in a wide range of community service activities, raising money for local charities including Care and Share, Pikes Peak Firefighter’s Association and All Breed Rescue.

The secret sauce: “Culture!” Brown says. “As Peter Drucker says, ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast!’  It’s in our culture that Cherwell places customer success first. Our technology is unique and modern, but we built Cherwell Service Management to help IT – and ultimately the organizations they serve – to achieve their goals.”


Evolving Systems Inc.

Originally known for developing software that allowed people to keep their phone numbers across locations or providers, Denver-based Evolving Systems has emerged as a leading innovator of cutting-edge software for carriers worldwide. The company’s Dynamic SIM Allocation™ solution has become the industry standard for activating SIM cards for wireless operators. Perks include a corporate gymnasium, go-cart racing, bowling and hikes up 14ers. The staff also supports various community programs and local initiatives, including the Race Across America bike ride, Colorado Chorale and youth baseball.

One World Labs Inc.

One World Labs is a unique cyber threat intelligence firm that identifies risks before they are exploited. Founded in 2009, OWL offers access to the world’s largest database of dark content to protect corporations, governments and nonprofit organizations. OWL Vision is proprietary software that helps organizations find evidence of compromised information, data loss or other cyber business threats to mitigate damage and proactively manage disclosure.