The Best, and Smallest Businesses to Work For in 2018

Revenue River named the winner of the the 15- to 40-person practices

Lisa Ryckman //November 7, 2018//

The Best, and Smallest Businesses to Work For in 2018

Revenue River named the winner of the the 15- to 40-person practices

Lisa Ryckman //November 7, 2018//


At digital marketer Revenue River, there’s a belief that alignment, transparency and trust can turn people with jobs into teammates with a cause.

“Great work environments have great culture behind them,” Managing Partner Eric Pratt says. “Culture must be built with intention and effort. It cannot be bought. No amount of bells and whistles around the office can cover up a toxic culture.”

The Golden-based company, which also specializes in innovative sales systems and web services, goes beyond the typical tech company perks of open work spaces and office dogs (who happen to have their own page on the company website). Employees praise the atmosphere of fun and family, as well as the company’s dedication to professional development, which helps to make every employee the best they can be.

Pratt says that nurturing Revenue 
River’s positive culture is key to the 
company’s success.

“Leaders need to continually communicate the core tenants of their culture and reinforce its importance,” he says. “I suggest developing a hiring, training and employee review format that directly ties to each principle. Develop your own culture code with the help of the entire team. Put it on the wall. Write about it. Talk about it. Build on it. The more you intentionally weave cultural initiatives into your every day, the stronger it will become.”

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They’ve got the team lunches, ski outings and access to professional development and education. But digital marketing agency Magneti prides itself on creating a place beyond mere perks.

“The quote from Richard Branson has always been our North Star:

‘Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don't want to,'” Chief Marketing Officer Jesse Marble says.

“This starts with fundamentally wanting the best for every individual on the team. We tell the team that we're aiming to build a place that they could work their entire career — with enough training, support, trust and opportunities to stay as long as they want.”

The company encourages an ongoing review process that invites constant feedback.

“We not only invite, but expect teammates to share what's happening on the team and how we can serve them better and make Magneti a great place to work day in and day out,” Marble says. “This is core to our DNA: constantly listening and learning and growing. An important aspect of this is giving increasing trust, opportunity and leadership to teammates. Everyone 
on our team wants to grow, do more, 
lead more, have more influence and have more impact."

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Diablo Media strives to create a “coaching culture” that is constantly helping employees deliver innovative, high-value marketing solutions to give its clients a competitive advantage.

Mike Schuster, Diablo’s owner and chief financial officer, says supporting employees is key to the company’s success. “Let your employees learn and grow and invest in their professional development,” he advises. “Cultivate each employee’s strengths to allow them to reach their full potential. Utilize today’s modern conveniences to provide more freedom and productivity. Foster an environment that embraces everyone’s uniqueness for maximum creativity and success.”

Perks include weekly all-company lunches, weekly happy hours, free weekly massages, bike-sharing and half-day Fridays. On top of an already generous vacation package, the company also allows employees to earn uncapped vacation hours in exchange for hours spent volunteering. Other perks include office ping pong, a pool table and video games, along with a stocked kitchen and bar that feature not only kegs of beer and nitro coffee but kombucha as well.

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 Zenman’s employees live and breathe a set of five core values that help the award-winning digital growth agency produce top-notch work and an unshakable culture.

Along with free lunches, ping-pong tables, unlimited vacations, a roof deck, beer on tap and tons of cake, the 20-year-old company encourages its employees to push each other, support one another and always go the extra mile for the team and their clients.

“The only way to create a great place to work is to fundamentally care about the people that work there,” CEO Caitlyn Fagan says. “I certainly care that the people we hire are exemplary at doing what we hire them to do. But more than that, I also care that they feel supported and challenged and inspired to be full humans outside of work, too.”

Fagan says being a best place to work is paramount for the company. “We will continue to give people the freedom to live their very best lives, while also being accountable to our work, our clients and our company,” she says. “Supporting the team is our top priority and will ensure Zenman is not just a great place to work but actually the very best.”

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