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The top 10 ColoradoBiz stories of 2021

The most-read Colorado business stories on

ColoradoBiz Staff //January 3, 2022//

The top 10 ColoradoBiz stories of 2021

The most-read Colorado business stories on

ColoradoBiz Staff //January 3, 2022//

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As we say goodbye to 2021 and welcome in 2022, let’s take a look back at some of the year’s most-read stories on

From the best places to eat and drink around the state, to articles about retirement, guides to changes in Colorado employment law and stimulus checks, our readers were interested in business, real estate, and the best of what Colorado has to offer.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and successful 2022!

10. The Best of Food and Beverage 2021

The best Colorado places to eat, drink, dine, sip, enjoy a view and more.

9. Does the golf ball you use really matter?

How to find the right golf ball to fit your game.

8. Where should you put your retirement money?

Diversifying your assets and investment will make sure you are prepared for any situation. It’s important that you review your options and make informed decisions in a proactive manner.

7. Top Company 2021: Real Estate

Meet Koelbel and Company, 8z Real Estate and Tributary Real Estate. From shaping the evolution of Colorado real estate to being experts in Denver’s submarkets, these three firms are making a mark on the real estate community.

6. The Best of Colorado Business Choice Awards 2021

98 reader favorites for professional services, entertainment, food, fun and more.

5. Remote workers: 5 reasons to move to Grand Junction

From more affordable housing prices, access to nature and an incentive program in which Colorado actually pays employers to allow their employees to live and work in Grand Junction, there are plenty of reasons to move.

4. Changes in Colorado’s employment law for 2021

Colorado’s employers must work to understand the most massive changes to Colorado’s employment laws in recent history.

3. A guide to stimulus checks and child tax credits

What divorced parents need to know as to how to divide the child tax credit, and doing so in a way that will provide the most benefit to the child.

2. 2021 Colorado real estate predictions

Denver real estate held surprisingly strong during this otherwise difficult period.

1. The real winners in golf legend Greg Norman’s massive ranch sale

What the owners at ECR are doing is commendable because nearly all this land will be placed into an environmental conservation easement ensuring its protection virtually in perpetuity.