Top 12 career resolutions for 2012

John Heckers //January 3, 2012//

Top 12 career resolutions for 2012

John Heckers //January 3, 2012//

It is 2012. If you’re like me and assume the sun will probably come up for most of us on Dec. 22, 2012, heed these career resolutions.

1). If you’re employed, network and network some more. Too many people neglect networking when they are working a job. Then, when the job goes away, they’re in deep trouble so far as finding another one. No job lasts forever. Now is the time to build your network up so you have it next time when (not if) you get laid off.

2). If you’re unemployed, network even more than that! If you’re unemployed, the only way to re-employed that is proven to work is networking. You should be doing 12 – 15 networking coffees a week at the first of the year. This is a numbers game!

3). Downsize and live frugally. The smaller your monthly overhead, the longer you can last when you do get laid off or otherwise lose your job. Too many Americans live from paycheck to paycheck and way beyond their means. Few people can “have it all,” nor should we. You don’t have to live the lifestyles of the rich and famous to be happy. In fact, you’ll likely be much happier with less stuff to clutter up your life, and you won’t worry as much.

4). If you despise your job, find something else to do. I’m not suggesting you resign tomorrow. But begin doing whatever necessary to do something you’ll look forward to each day rather than dread.

5). Make fewer money-based decisions about your career. Too many Americans work at something because it pays well. Isn’t that special? Life is too short to make all of our decisions on the almighty dollar. There are many things in life which are more important than your salary and perks. Try to make more decisions based on family, happiness and making a difference to humanity and many fewer based on what you get paid.

6). If you’re unemployed and aren’t getting anywhere, get help before it’s too late. If you’ve had more than 4 interviews without a viable offer, you need help. If you’ve been unemployed for three or more months, you need help. If you’re not hitting the 12 – 15 networking meetings a week, you need help. Don’t wait until you’re totally broke to get the help you need.

7). Play the game. Few people like to play the corporate political game, but you should do so and play it well if you want to remain employed. Those who play the game the best tend to be those who last the longest. If you don’t know how, get coaching in how. If you can’t stand to play the game, open your own business and get out of corporate America.

8). Don’t take it so seriously. There is more to life than a job. If you really want to “get ahead,” then your job may be your life. But you need to evaluate if that is really what you want in life. If not…don’t make the job your life.

9). Don’t get in a rut. The only difference between a rut and a grave is that the rut doesn’t have a top on it. Expand your skills and career options in every way you can. After all, a robot might take over your job tomorrow.

10). Pay attention to your values. If several aspects of your job go against your core values, you really need to be somewhere else. Find a job where your values and the values of the company are, at least to a great degree congruent.

11). Work with great people. Even if the job itself is OK, your life will be miserable if you work with jerks (unless, of course, you are a jerk yourself). While you don’t have to be best friends with your co-workers, you should enjoy them while you’re around them.

12). Don’t be evil. (A nod to Google.) If you are not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Are you making the world a better place in 2012? Are you serving others? Are you or your product harming others? These are vital questions to ask yourself every day.

Make 2012 your best year yet as measured by your peace of mind, tranquility of spirit and happiness in your work. May you have a blessed and prosperous 2012.

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