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Top Company 2015: InteliSecure

Lisa Ryckman //August 31, 2015//

Top Company 2015: InteliSecure

Lisa Ryckman //August 31, 2015//

Winner: Technology


Three words from them, about them: Innovative. Passionate. Extraordinary.

InteliSecure co-founder Robert Eggebrecht knows he has to hire the best and brightest – because the bad guys are doing the same.

“Some of the adversaries we guard against have huge teams dedicated to devising new ways to infiltrate, monitor and exfiltrate an organization’s most valuable intellectual property,” says Eggebrecht, who is also president and CEO of the Greenwood Village-based managed security service provider.

InteliSecure is a pioneer in the evolving science of security humanistics, the study of human behavior as related to data security, allowing it to better monitor and analyze security breaches.

“Our security experts are driven to know what data assets are most important to our customers’ organizations to develop a sustainable security program that protects them for years to come,” Eggebrecht says. “This starts with in-depth consultations, working with our customers to identify and prioritize critical intellectual property and other key assets to establish a continuously monitored security intelligence program. These programs are designed to protect not only from external threats, but also internal threats that may be malicious or accidental.” 

InteliSecure’s employees, expected to number more than 125 by year’s end, can participate in the company’s Off the Grid program, which allows them to add up to five extra vacation days a year by earning points through a variety of community-oriented, team-building activities, such as the Denver Dumb Friends League telethon, collecting donations for SafeHouse Denver, or joining a backpack drive for underprivileged students. 

The secret sauce: “Our outstanding people and the methodology we pioneered over the past decade, coupled with the innovative technology we use, delivers unparalleled protection for our customers,” Eggebrecht says. “Nobody in the industry is doing what InteliSecure does by way of creating, implementing and managing Critical Asset Protection Programs, and combining that experience into a uniquely human approach to data security. We don’t take a bits and bytes approach, but provide a holistic view of an organization’s ‘electronic nervous system’ that protects what’s most important to them. This takes unique, dedicated and passionate individuals that know a customer’s security program inside and out.”



More than 30 million homeowners have turned to Denver-based HomeAdvisor to connect with 90,000 service professionals since 1999. The service, which is free to consumers, also offers design inspiration, budgeting tools and advice – as well as more than 2 million homeowner-submitted ratings and reviews. The company encourages employees to stay healthy with an on-site basketball court, bike library, showers and discounted gym memberships. And members of the HomeAdvisor creative and development teams are urged to spend one day per month on a project outside the scope of their everyday duties to foster out-of-the-box ideas.

Wowza Media Systems

Wowza Media Systems lives by the mantra: “By helping our customers thrive, we will change an industry.” The company, which powers video and audio with customizable software and cloud services to manage professional-quality live and on-demand streaming solutions, has grown to 80 employees in just three years. Employee perks include in-office yoga, flexible schedules and a dog-friendly office.