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Why video content is important for your business

87% of businesses are already using video marketing as a tool

Noah Rue //May 17, 2021//

Why video content is important for your business

87% of businesses are already using video marketing as a tool

Noah Rue //May 17, 2021//

Video content is all but essential in today’s multimedia digital world. Consumers increasingly expect video media as they navigate products and services, using it to inform their decision-making processes and educate themselves on important features.

As a result, 87% of businesses are already using video marketing as a tool. This number has only gone up with the economic changes wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the market demand for video content will continue to grow as businesses of all sizes and industries realize the benefits it brings.

But what makes video so important in attracting traffic and sales? The answer comes down to the accessibility, customer education opportunities, and engagement that video content offers.

Video is Widely Accessible

There are so many demands on our attention in the wide world of media. From the content articles that bombard us on social media to the social media campaigns that span all kinds of media, we are constantly inundated with content and images. Video stands above the rest, however, in terms of the accessibility it offers users.

Everyone wants video for good reason. In video format, marketers can combine images, text, music, and more to tell the kind of stories and share the information they need to ensure customer success. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth millions. Because of this, Colorado professionals are creating business solutions for video needs, from production to streaming.

For anyone who has attempted to learn a new skill or hobby, the power of video content is clear. Effective video eliminates jargon and technical communication challenges to clearly communicate information. The best approach considers even audiences with physical impairments to pair transcripts and captions with content.

Accessible video content is an essential aspect of content marketing, one you should not neglect in your own ventures. Because of the popularity of video content, it is now easier than ever to find video production companies that provide all kinds of footage, including high-resolution drone shots. Apply these resources for cutting-edge, high-quality content.

Video Adds Value

Video content has the potential to create value for any business. With Animoto’s finding that 93% of marketers say they have gained a new customer as a result of a video, this medium is one you cannot afford to neglect in your own business. Know your audience, plan ahead, and then build a story that can serve as an exceptional promo video.

The use of video can even be a saving grace during these uncertain economic times. For example, Denver-based Image Audiovisuals pivoted its offerings to include meeting capture and on-demand content for companies during the economic lull caused by COVID-19. This allowed them to add value to the company even while they struggled.

There are few limits to the ways video can increase business value. Video production professional Sarah Fisher has even found that video increases content shareability, leading to 12 times the number of shares on social media than text and image content combined. For this reason, marketers are increasingly investing in video content that can reach a much wider audience.

Innovate your approach to business with video content. Whether you intended to supplement your SEO strategy with the use of video or to lay out a YouTube channel meant to educate a prospective audience about your product, video can boost business value like little else.

Video Communicates a Story

Finally, video is important because it can clearly communicate a story. This type of marketing works because it allows businesses to convey emotions and answer the essential whys surrounding the marketing of products and services. Stories build empathy and can move greater audience numbers towards sales. As a result, storytelling is changing marketing and consumerism.

Audiences need stories to understand how products and services impact their lives. In taking cues from sources as unexpected as Disney movies, businesses can build video content that allows a consumer base to connect to brands and content on an emotional level. In turn, you’ll generate loyalty and returns that could never be possible otherwise.

Stories have been proven time and again to trump statistics in their power and comprehensibility. By integrating both in powerful video content, businesses can elevate their potential no matter the surrounding economic circumstances.

Bottom Line

Video content allows businesses to show the best of themselves while crafting essential narratives around their products and services. Whether you need a promotional video showcasing what you have to offer or you’re looking to boost your leads through educational content, video gives you the tools to combine storytelling with multimedia offerings to create exceptional, relatable content.

No matter your business model, the usefulness of a YouTube channel or a website — an integrated gallery of video resources will help you gather a larger audience. Take advantage of the accessibility, value, and storytelling potential of video in an approach to content that considers your audiences as real people. As a result, you can develop marketing that scales your business and elevates your revenues.