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Mastering Work-Life Balance: Practical Steps for Entrepreneurs to Thrive

How to navigate the challenges of business ownership while prioritizing well-being and relationships.

Grace Lau //August 29, 2023//

Mastering Work-Life Balance: Practical Steps for Entrepreneurs to Thrive

How to navigate the challenges of business ownership while prioritizing well-being and relationships.

Grace Lau //August 29, 2023//

Work-life balance has become somewhat of a meme at this point. You hear it in conversations and read it in articles across the web, usually from gurus who purport that they hold the secret key to success in all parts of life.

However, it’s best to approach this topic with a realistic perspective. If you are a business owner who spends most of their time between projects, deadlines and team meetings, striking the right balance between personal and professional lives can be challenging.

Let’s discover how you can achieve this, in just a few steps.

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Work-life balance quiz

We might break “Life” down into three key areas. For each of the following, a simple yes or no answer will help you to understand which area you should focus on to get to that level of work-life balance that you crave.

Personal activities and leisure

Some business owners find that relaxing on the sofa, reading a book or going out on the town helps them unwind. Hobbies and leisure activities can look different to everyone, so think about what makes you happy and relaxed.

Ask yourself: Do you spend enough time doing the leisure activities you personally enjoy?

Fitness and health

Sport and physical activity are great ways to detach your mind from work while providing your body with the much-needed movement and fresh air it needs. 

This can be particularly true if you are making the transition from an employee to a business owner. Spending a little time on your health will help you maintain this drive for the long term.

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Ask yourself: Do you allocate as much time to your health as you would like?

Friendships and relationships

Lastly, we have the people in our lives — friends, family and partners. Spending time with them and making memories is another essential aspect of achieving a good work-life balance.

Ask yourself: Do you spend enough time with the important people in your life?

How to work towards a healthy work-life balance

If you answered “no” to one or more of the quiz questions, you should start taking steps towards a better work-life balance. Here’s how:

Utilize technology

You may think of technology as exclusively work-related, especially if you are currently in the process of looking for a cheap domain buy for your business or something similar. Tech tools, though, can also come in handy when it comes to achieving a healthy work-life balance.

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For example, if you manage an Airbnb business, you no doubt understand the constant demand for managing bookings, guest communications and property upkeep. Embracing technology in this context can be a game-changer. By utilizing platforms and software tailored to Airbnb hosts, you can streamline operations, automate routine tasks and gain precious hours that you can devote to your personal life.

  • Research time-management applications to ensure you schedule enough “me time” in the day. Limiting meeting duration and being strict with finishing times can help work towards this goal.
  • Use digital to-do lists to stay focused on the most important business tasks to complete first. Once finished, you can spend your free time in a more relaxed state. Not having to worry about unfulfilled important jobs can really help de-stress.
  • Setting a timer is another great way in which technology can help keep you focus for short bursts of time, encouraging you to take a few minutes to detach and unwind on a frequent basis.

Practice mindfulness

How many times do you really pay attention to your surroundings, every day? As a busy entrepreneur, the chances are that you switch from one task to another quickly and without fully appreciating the small details.

By regularly practicing mindfulness, you can train yourself to become more grounded and present, both in your personal and professional life. This, in turn, helps you get to the following point on our list — understanding where your new priorities lie.

Reassess and refine your priorities 

Once you get your personal life better organized and start incorporating mindfulness into your daily life, the next step is to establish a new set of priorities. 

Let’s imagine that you regularly spend at least 10 hours a day in your office and only see your children on the weekend. This may lead you to realize that a better work-life balance would mean spending more time with your family. 

So, you make it your new priority to work less at least one day during the week in order to enjoy a slower and more relaxed evening with your kids. 

Time to find your balance

Between investigating AI competitors, training a successful team and managing a growing business, being an entrepreneur can be hard. Finding the right level of work-life balance can become even harder.

However, it can be done. When you have your priorities in place, it’s vital to stay consistent and know exactly what actions will lead to a work-life balance that works for you. 


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