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Baking your cake with sardines

Don Awalt //June 20, 2011//

Baking your cake with sardines

Don Awalt //June 20, 2011//

When baking a cake, the cook must follow a recipe. The steps and ingredients may be well known to the chef. Yet the desired result requires strict adherence to the instructions. The same is true of life. There is a simple recipe for success and fulfillment. Anyone who has studied personal or professional development knows these ingredients well. Yet combining them to get the desired results is not always an easy task.

Here is the recipe for success:

• Be crystal clear what it is you want
• Believe that you can have and deserve it
• Have faith
• Take action


Continuously combine all ingredients in equal proportions and be patient. Be grateful of the results. Serves everyone.

Though the recipe is simple and the ingredients well known, the challenge is in following the directions. When any step is compromised, it is like substituting sardines in a cake recipe. We may be convinced that sardines belong in the mix because that is the way we were taught. Or perhaps we are doing it because we think should. Sometimes we forget the recipe and just wing it.

Having crystal clarity about what is desired needs to be written down and reviewed often. Everything exists in one of four states; someone is thinking about it, a plan has been drawn, action is being taken on the plan, or it has been accomplished. Write out what you specifically desire in business, money, relationships, health, and anywhere you desire improvement. Otherwise it is just a hope. Clearly defining your desire stirs a motive to take action.

Knowing what you want also helps you believe you can have, and deserve it. People often sabotage the recipe (substituting sardines) by questioning whether they can actually achieve their goal, or if they even deserve it. Review daily what it is you desire and make adjustments to add specific detail. Imagine achieving your goal and immerse yourself in the feeling that it has been accomplished, even though that day has yet to come.

There exists a greater force working in our behalf. Some call it God, or spirit, and the Law of Attraction has been recently popularized. Some even call it luck. How it is named is not of importance. It does exist and operates in mysterious ways. This power needs you to be clear about your purpose, believe that you can do it and to take action.

Faith is knowing there is a force at work which can deliver the conditions and circumstances necessary for you to achieve a worthy goal. Just as the chef may not understand how the ingredients in the recipe cause the cake to rise while baking, you don’t need to know how it will be done, only why it is important.

The life you desire requires effort. No one said it was going to be easy, but no one said it was going to be difficult either. Just take action. Doing so engages a power within to propel you toward your goal and dispel fear. Being clear what it is you want helps guide you on your path. Feeling as though you are on target reinforces belief in yourself. And in believing in yourself, others will believe in you as well.

The directions for this recipe state that these ingredients must be continuously combined and in equal proportions, as they all work together. Be patient. Results will come. And once they do occur, celebrate! But do not stop. Continue to revise your desire, raise your belief, have reverence in the greater power, and then go for it. And when obstacles occur, look at where you are substituting sardines for one of the ingredients. Make the necessary adjustments to comply with the recipe and keep going. By doing so, you can bake yourself a masterpiece of a life!
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