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Reopening and back to office after covid-19 concept. Human resources worker helps employee with return to office workspace.
May 16, 2024

Can America Really ‘Return to the Office’? And, Even if We Could, Should We?

Someone asked me recently if I exercised regularly — which I do — but it turned out to be a way of proselytizing for running as an exercise. “The only thing about me that runs is my nose,” I replied. I don’t suppose that this is what is meant by a running gag, but it […]

Disability icons engraved on plastic cubes and circles. 3D Rendering.
May 9, 2024

GUEST COLUMN: CEO of arc Thrift Stores, Lloyd Lewis, Sees an ‘Hidden Crisis’ of Disability Rights

In the bustling landscape of commerce and community, there exists a silent epidemic of discrimination and neglect: the systemic violation of civil rights for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Behind the veneer of progress and prosperity lies a harsh reality where basic human rights are routinely[...]

Man holding home in palm. Hand drawn style.
Apr 16, 2024

What is Building Information Modeling (BIM)? Discover How BIM is Shaping Modern Commercial Real Estate

Building information modeling, or BIM, is more than just an industry trend in commercial real estate — it is a game-changing technology that is redefining how properties are designed, built, managed and sold. If you’re involved in commercial real estate, harnessing BIM’s potential can streamline the development of [...]

Apr 12, 2024

What to Know About the Latest Bird Flu Outbreak in the US (VIDEO)

Dr. Mandy Cohen, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the agency is taking bird flu seriously, but stressed that the virus has already been well studied.

Apr 11, 2024

Colorado Summit’s Ultimate Frisbee matches to air live on TV

The Colorado Summit of the Ultimate Frisbee Association (UFA) announced live broadcast partnership with MTN TV and MTN Sports to broadcast matches for the 2024 season. Starting Saturday, May 4, viewers across Colorado will have the opportunity to watch all Colorado Summit matches from the comfort of their homes for free. The Colorado Summit, founded […]

Apr 9, 2024

Rising Property Taxes Add to State’s Housing-Affordability Woes

A new study by the Denver-based Common Sense Institute (CSI) examines the skyrocketing cost of property taxes and the implications for housing affordability in the state. Released April 9, the study, “Colorado Property Tax Primer: Where do Property Taxes Stand and Where are They Going?” notes that a dramatic increase in home[...]

Man wearing a blue suit doing business on the golf course while on his phone, next to his golf bag.
Apr 9, 2024

How to Do Business on the Golf Course: Counting Penalty Strokes

When you’re on the course hoping to seal a deal or pass the hiring exam, the rules of golf may not rank on a priority list with X’s, O’s and dollar signs. But they probably should. “If you are presenting yourself in a position of wanting to do business with someone, wanting to develop trust, […]

Word Tax 2024 on the calculator. Business and tax concept.Calculator, coins, book, form, and pen on table.Tax deduction planning.Financial research, government taxes, and calculation tax return
Apr 4, 2024

Maximizing Tax Strategies for Colorado’s New Entrepreneurs

For first-time small business owners, the thrill of setting up shop often revolves around the tangible aspects of their enterprise: How much inventory to buy, logistics, establishing business banking and securing the right name. Yet, amongst these foundational decisions, many overlook a crucial component of business ownership: t[...]

Electric car charging background. Electronic vehicle power dock. EV Plugin station. Fuel recharge cells. Green color vector illustration.
Mar 28, 2024

National Car Charging Lands Exclusive Contract for California’s EV Fast-Charging Network

Denver-based National Car Charging announced on Jan.30 it has been awarded an exclusive multi-year charging station procurement contract for non-networked DC fast charging infrastructure with the State of California. NCC is the nation’s largest independent electric vehicle (EV) charging station reseller and installer. Founded [...]

Bean Cycle shop in Fort Collins, Colorado.
Mar 28, 2024

In Fort Collins, Small-Box Mercantile is the Latest in One-Stop Shopping

Along with a rebound in brick-and-mortars, Fort Collins is experiencing an interesting small biz trend as local owners band together to deliver a mercantile shopping experience opposite the big-box variety. 2020 wasn’t exactly the ideal year to takeover Bloom Floral Boutique, but if there was a bright side to doing business du[...]

Circular Economy - Infographic Linear Style
Mar 28, 2024

Business Incubator Center Announces Partnership to Promote Manufacturing With Recycled Materials in Grand Junction

The Grand Junction-based Business Incubator Center announced on Jan. 22 a partnership with the state’s Circular Economy Development Center in a venture designed to promote the use of recycled materials in manufacturing processes. The Business Incubator Center currently supports several businesses in the Incubator Intensive Pro[...]

Feb 7, 2024

Does Biden’s LNG Pause Risk Rockies Natural Gas Revolution?

The Biden Administration’s decision to delay new U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) export permit approvals is risking a low-carbon revolution happening in the Rockies, which is positioning us to lower global emissions reductions, sustain durable rural economic activity and support America’s geopolitical strength for future de[...]