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Best Companies to Work for in Colordao: IP5280

Lisa Ryckman //August 1, 2011//

Best Companies to Work for in Colordao: IP5280

Lisa Ryckman //August 1, 2011//


1) IP5280 Communications 

It’s fitting that IP5280 has reached the tippy-top of this year’s Best Companies to Work For in Colorado: The Englewood company has been built on a mountain of mountain metaphors.

It starts with the last few words from the company’s mission statement:
”The climb is the challenge; the view is the reward.”

“That’s something we really love to say here,” says Managing Partner John Scarborough, who founded the Voice over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”) technology company with Jeffrey Pearl in 2006.

There’s the CLIMB program – Creating Leaders in Management Behavior – which grooms high-potential employees for leadership roles, a key piece of the company’s commitment to promoting from within.

Don’t forget the “Summit Club,” a company recognition program that honors the employee of the month and celebrates workers for their contributions to sales. In keeping with IP5280’s culture of work hard/play hard, this is no mind-numbing rubber-chicken affair – think snowmobiling, paintball and steak dinners.

Work hard, play hard – that’s business as usual at IP5280.

“There is a culture that we’ve
really worked hard to create,” Scarborough says.

They are the type of people who actually do climb mountains – for their favorite cause. This is the sixth year of Climbing for Kids, IP5280’s annual fundraiser for Children’s Hospital and the Kempe Foundation, where employees and their friends and relatives scale a 14er and raise a mountain of cash. Last year’s climb raised $65,000, and the goal for this year’s event, on Aug. 12, is $100,000.

Everything about IP5280 is looking up: Revenue has gone from $5.5 million to $7 million, and they’ve opened a new Albuquerque office, with an eye on Salt Lake City in the new year.

“There’s a general cause that unifies us, and it’s really about the excitement associated with what’s happening in the industry, the change from the traditional telephone network we all grew up with to the new world of IP based communciations,” Scarborough says.

2010 rank: No. 2
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