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Five ways to fan the flames of your sales passion

Liz Wendling //September 27, 2011//

Five ways to fan the flames of your sales passion

Liz Wendling //September 27, 2011//

Sales passion is the most undervalued and underutilized sales tool in the business toolbox. It’s hard to measure and even harder to develop. You can’t teach someone to be passionate about what they sell – they have to find it for themselves.

In sales, the old saying “fake it until you make it” might work in some cases but it’s hard to sustain for any period of time. Genuine sales passion isn’t artificial and can’t be faked; you gotta have it or you gotta get it! It’s evident in salespeople who genuinely care, who have a drive to succeed and a willingness to take the time to serve their customers in whatever manner is necessary.

I can read people well. When I begin working with a sales team, it doesn’t take me very long to see who has passion for the job, the company and their customers. I can also spot the sales people who are all talk and no action, just going through the motions. I watch for that unmistakable unique combination of desire, commitment and energy. It’s that strong force that pushes these salespeople to succeed by demanding more of themselves. Their passion is so evident it won’t let them rest and it won’t let them quit.

Passion is contagious and it produces results, but some salespeople seem to be completely immune to it. Others have the potential and willingness to try to find it, but they’re just not quite there yet. When I spot them, I know I can make a difference.

Sales passion is the differentiator in today’s changing business climate. Having a passion for what you’re selling is vital to achieving success at selling. To become a master salesperson, you need enough drive to keep yourself focused on developing and improving your knowledge and skills.
While there are many ways to find your sales passion and get that lovin’feeling back, here are five suggestions to get the ball rolling:

1. Love what you do. There’s no substitute for doing something you absolutely love to do. If you’re eager to start your day with enthusiasm and are excited about what you do, then you’re already halfway to success. Do what you love and you’ll never feel like you’re working.

2. Set realistic goals. The more often you see real progress, the easier it is to maintain your passion. If you consistently see yourself reaching small goals, you will soon see yourself achieving large goals. Goals should consistently stretch you and your abilities.

3. Action reflects belief. Passionate performers stay in the game and take steps in the direction of their goal. They move consistently toward what they want and avoid actions or inactions that take them away from their goals.

4. Believe in yourself. Passionate salespeople filter out negative thoughts and the advice of those who dwell on why it can’t be done. They rely on their own inner voice and belief systems to carry them through any obstacles and challenges. They truly believe there’s nothing they can’t do.

5. Find meaning and purpose. Focus on how what you do helps other people. You will get far more satisfaction from finding meaning and purpose than making money.

Successful salespeople sell with passion; when salespeople find their passion, they find success.

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