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2013 Top Company winner: Media

Gigi Sukin //September 26, 2013//

2013 Top Company winner: Media

Gigi Sukin //September 26, 2013//

Media . Ad . PR

Winner: GroundFloor Media

Staffed entirely by seasoned pros since 2001, GroundFloor Media, set in downtown Denver, is an award-winning marketing-communication agency specializing in strategic communication, digital and social media strategy and reputation management.


GFM’s unique business model, in which the organization is staffed entirely by senior-level professionals, lends itself to obvious advantages. The agency doesn’t specialize in one particular niche, but instead cross-pollinates among industries with interesting stories to tell.

Greatest Achivement

The agency is currently in the process of establishing a company foundation focused on child and family services. This new grant-making entity will serve as a formalized extension of the community service activities that the agency has been committed to for all 12 of its years.

Looking Forward/Quote of Note

“Our two BHAGs (big, hairy, audacious goals) are to always be three steps ahead of the communications tools that our clients demand and to be one of the few professional-services agencies that offers team members the anti-agency experience.” – GroundFloor Media founder and Chief Cultural Officer Laura Love.


Altitude Digital Partners

Altitude Digital, based out of Denver since 2009, provides a large-scale marketplace for video, online display and mobile advertising, connecting thousands of publishers with advertisers.


In an industry saturated with well-funded superstars such as Google and Yahoo!, Altitude has positioned itself as an alternative solution with offerings, deliverables and customer service that is unparalleled.

Biggest Challenge

Altitude’s foremost challenge is being Colorado-based in an industry primarily housed on the coasts.

Greatest Achievement

Jeremy Ostermiller started Altitude with $500 in his pocket during one of the toughest economic downturns since the Great Depression; since, the company has prospered, with unprecedented growth and the ability to help entrepreneurs achieve success by monetizing their businesses while helping advertisers effectively deliver campaigns to their audiences.

Quote of Note:

“At the end of the day, there are only two major factors that stand out above the rest – believe in yourself and the service you provide.” – Jeremy Ostermiller, Altitude founder and CEO.


Madwire Media

“Why do we do what we do?” asked Joe Kellogg, CEO of Loveland’s Madwire Media, the inbound marketing agency founded in 2009 that focuses on visibility, “clickability,” and convertibility. “Because we’re passionate about helping small businesses grow, employing people, feeding their families and living the American dream of business ownership.”


Madwire prides itself on its people, technology and processes.

Biggest Challenge

To stay ahead in the digital age, companies must predict what will be wanted and needed in the market well in advance. Thus, Madwire uses analytics and measures data and results to maintain and offer an agile service.

Looking Forward

Continuing to meet the growth plan, launching new products and sticking to the strategic vision are on the agenda for Madwire.

Quote of Note

“We love mad.” – Joe Kellogg, Madwire Media CEO.