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Be the change you want to see in your business

Liz Wendling //April 30, 2012//

Be the change you want to see in your business

Liz Wendling //April 30, 2012//

Economic downturn, recession, bad economy, call it what you like; but no matter how you define it, times have changed. Smart and savvy sales people look at change as an opportunity to refine their skills and adapt the new economy. A characteristic of successful sales professionals is that they possess an acute sense of recognizing when changing conditions are upon them and they adapt quickly to benefit in their new environment.

Salespeople and business owners know that the key to keeping a business in business is sales. Without sales, cash flow stops, checks bounce, and heads roll. When radical economic change happens, the vehicles we use to navigate the sales environment need change. “If you want to see a change, then you have to be the change you want to see,” says Ghandi.  Wishing, hoping and praying will not create change. You must be the change.

The slow economy has sparked fear and caused panic with many salespeople and business owners. The panic is being powered by an economic downturn and strengthened by customers who have drastically changed their buying habits.  When times are tough, it becomes more challenging to sell, but the only way out is to sell your way out. 

Even the most confident and highly motivated salespeople can take only so much negative news without getting dragged down. There’s nothing like an economic downturn to change once-solid good sales routines into inconsistent damaging habits. Choosing to do nothing will worsen matters. 

Salespeople are facing the daunting challenge of closing sales and bringing in new business in a down economy. With uncertainty about when things will improve, customers have tightened their budgets and increased the level of scrutiny on every purchase. How you choose to react to this information will determine your attitude and behavior, and ultimately your success. Your choice to make changes will determine your future.

Salespeople are willing to put their egos aside by hiring sales coaches and adjusting their approach to become invaluable to their customers, colleagues and company.  To be a successful salesperson, you must have a fierce can-do attitude that supports your efforts through the changing economy.

Have you ever been around salespeople who sell incredibly well during tough economic times, even while doing business in highly competitive markets and even when the price of their product is well above their competitors’ prices? Those successful salespeople sell like crazy, rain or shine, and there’s no such thing as a “slow day” or a “slow month” for them.  They make it look easy.  You know why?  Because when the winds of change were cast upon them and the economy took a turn for the worse, they made changes in their sales approach and made adjustments where necessary.  They chose not to hunker down and wait for things to pass, but found a way to strengthen their sales technique. 

More than ever, companies in all industries are looking for ways to retain customers, boost revenue, and maintain profit margins. To survive and ultimately flourish in this new economy, you must re-examine the way you sell and deal with customers. Some of the adjustments that need to be made are long overdue.  It’s time to take control of your own sales success. It turns out that the salespeople who are hungry for business are also eager for a new techniques and creative ideas that improve their selling skills. I’m always thrilled to work with people that are up for the challenge of change. They know that ultimately they’re in control of everything that does and does not happen to them.

So whatever lies ahead of you, take advantage of your opportunities and get rewarded for your efforts.