Best Companies to Work For in Colorado 2015

Senior leaders walk the talk at firms touting work-life balance

Lisa Ryckman //October 30, 2015//

Best Companies to Work For in Colorado 2015

Senior leaders walk the talk at firms touting work-life balance

Lisa Ryckman //October 30, 2015//

For the key to the 10th annual Best Companies to Work For in Colorado, look no further than the C-suite.

“What employees think of senior leaders has a significant impact on what they think of the organization as a whole,” says Rich Boyer, founding partner at ModernThink, the organizational development and management-consulting firm that gathers the data and determines the ranking of the Best Companies to Work For. “When you have senior leaders who espouse a work-life balance, what that sends is a message that’s something they care about – in the well-being of their employees.”

This year’s rankings feature some newbies – Total Quality Logistics, Quick Left and OZ Architecture, among others – and some legacy groups, including Edward Jones, Bona US and Odell Brewing Co. Each endured a two-part assessment: an employee survey; and a review of policies, practices and demographics.

Themes covered in the employee survey include communication, collaboration, senior leadership, relationships with supervisors, pride and recognition, among others. In essence, how employees rate their engagement levels with the company determines a company’s rating.

“Lots of organizations look great on paper,” Boyer says. “But when you get down to the day-to-day experience of the employees, it doesn’t measure up.”

Anybody can offer monthly massages or discounted gym memberships. The game-changer, Boyer says, is making benefits both relevant and meaningful. An example: KPMG’s new parent career coaching, training for an effective transition to a new life role.

“It’s taking that to the next level,” Boyer says. “The message is, ‘We want you to be a successful human being, not just a successful employee.’”

Benefits that make sense within the company’s culture provide more value, Boyer says, such as Odell Brewing's weekly beer allotment.

“As fun as that is, there’s something unique about that, when we can provide benefits unique to what we offer, the benefit makes a lot of sense for them,” he says. “Some financial service organizations have banking services deeply discounted or provided free of cost, a meaningful benefit they’re uniquely able to offer.”

Even for those companies that don’t make the cut, the information can be invaluable.

“Because of the data we have, we can very quickly help organizations understand where they are on the continuum of workplace quality,” Boyer says.

That, in turn, can impact the employment brand, a crucial factor in winning the talent wars.

“When you’re out there trying to recruit employees, employment brand is important,” Boyer says. “When you’re known to be a place people work hard but also play hard, that can be very compelling.”

Here's the complete list:

1. Total Quality Logistics
2. VolkBell
3. Gutterman Griffiths PC
4. J.G. Management Systems, Inc.
5. BluSky Restoration Contractors, Inc.
6. Endodontic Specialists of Colorado
7. Insperity
8. Moneytree
9. R.A. Nelson LLC
10. Quick Left

1. Odell Brewing Company
2. Anton Collins Mitchell LLP
3. OnDeck
4. ReadyTalk
5. Bona US, Inc.
6. 8z Real Estate
7. Vi at Highlands Ranch
8. OZ Architecture
9. Mountain Family Health Centers
10. Encompass Home Health of Colorado

1. Edward Jones
3. SquareTwo Financial
4. Pulte Mortgage, LLC
5. Elevations Credit Union

Want to jump on board at a Best Company to Work For? Many of these companies have openings in Colorado and  around the country. Here are a  few best bets:

Total Quality Logistics



PulteMortgage LLC 


Vi at Highlands Ranch 

Encompass Home