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Sales: Use it or lose it!

Liz Wendling //September 30, 2014//

Sales: Use it or lose it!

Liz Wendling //September 30, 2014//

If you have a business, you are using a sales process of some kind, whether you know it or not. When you sell, you have a preferred way of selling. It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, a business owner or manage a sales team. Everyone has a process and unique way of selling.  Ask yourself, is it working?

A fully functioning sales process helps generate higher revenue and creates a smoother sales experience. It’s a powerful tool that no business should operate without.

When most people think of a process, their rational mind takes over and looks for the steps in the process. Yes, following certain steps will make you partly successful in your sales process.  However, it’s not the entire solution for you to achieve the ultimate result. An actual step by step linear and rational process, coupled with one’s insight, intuition and flexibility, is what creates the ultimate sales process and client experience.

A good process takes the pressure off you. It puts the primary focus on your client. When you have a process, you can relax and be confident. Rather than putting the focus on yourself and worrying about specific steps and screwing up, you are relaxed and focused on only thing that matters—your customer. It’s all about them, not you.

A good sales process delivers measurable, predictable and consistent results. When a process is effective there will be clear evidence of successful results. When you can predict a result, you will be inspired to replicate it over and over. This leads to consistent success.

Every sale – and I mean every sale involves a process of defined steps. Regardless of what you sell, the sales process is like a production line and it must follow a specific sequence. Remember to always allow room for flexibility and authenticity. Keep it conversational.

Everything in the world is speeding up today as a result of technology. The faster things are changing–competition, market conditions, the way customers buy, the products and solutions offered, the more you need a sales process.

What’s your morning routine (process) to get you ready for the day? Whether you realize it or not, your morning routine is a process that gets you a specific result. At the end of the process you’re awake, fed, showered, teeth brushed, dressed, on time and ready for the day.

Imagine if you went to your office undressed, hungry and smelling rotten. How confident would you be? How comfortable would you feel?

For the most basic things, we have processes. For the really important things – like selling – many people shortcut the process and settle for mediocre results. Never underestimate the power of the process. Never shortcut the process. You will only be short-changing your own confidence and income potential.

Top performers and superstar salespeople have and use a process. They generate a steady stream of good leads from multiple sources. They possess the ability to close more sales with ease. Everything they do is scripted, rehearsed, fine-tuned and memorized. They own it! They don’t perform random acts of selling. They’re disciplined and consistent in their efforts.

You have a choice: Use a process or lose the sale.