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6 Simple Ways to Encourage Employee Wellness: Key Strategies and Benefits

Unleashing the power of employee wellness for productivity and success.

Indiana Lee //July 3, 2023//

6 Simple Ways to Encourage Employee Wellness: Key Strategies and Benefits

Unleashing the power of employee wellness for productivity and success.

Indiana Lee //July 3, 2023//

Your employees are your main key to success. Healthy, happy employees are much more productive and can help your business thrive in competitive markets. That’s why employee wellness initiatives are so important.

Companies that value wellness have lower rates of absenteeism, too. This is particularly important if you work in a fast-paced industry where every day counts. 

Fortunately, there are a range of approaches you can adopt to further employee wellness and happiness. Choosing a wellness package that suits your business and budget is key to creating a workforce of cheerful, productive employees. 

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Profitability and wellness

As a business leader, you may be concerned that pouring money into a health and wellness program will reduce your profitability. However, a recent study from the University of Warwickshire shows that employees who are happy work harder than those who are unsatisfied at work. 

Take advantage of the profitability-boosting potential of wellness programs by investing in everyday happiness-boosting treats like free movie tickets or food and drink during working hours. Small gestures of appreciation lead to a 37% increase in employee satisfaction at Google and may have a similar impact on your firm. 

Nutrition and hydration

Most full-time employees struggle to prepare enough healthy, nutritious food to fuel them through an entire workday. As an employer, you can help your staff by offering a range of snacks, meals, fruits and veggies at work. Providing free food is a great way to boost employee wellness and raise energy levels at work. 

Hydration is an often-overlooked element of health and well-being. However, inadequate hydration can derail staff productivity and send employee wellness into a tailspin. Unfortunately, some folks don’t enjoy drinking water and need an extra nudge to drink their fill. 

Incentivize hydration by embracing hydration hacks. Purchase funky water bottles for staff and provide flavored or sparkling water at work. Help staff set water intake goals and reward folks who can drink their fill in a day.

Mental health services

Everyone’s mental health has taken a knock in the past few years. Global conflict, pandemics and a rising cost of living are tough on employees and may send them over their “tipping” point. 

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Support your staff by providing access to mental health services. Your staff will benefit greatly from free, confidential access to therapists and trained psychiatrists. Regularly review the efficacy of mental health services by surveying staff to find out about uptake, improvements in well-being, and general feedback. 

Community engagement

As much as your staff cares about the profitability of your business, they are far more likely to be healthy and happy if they feel that your business positively contributes to the local community. Community engagement opportunities are usually cost-effective, too, as local non-profits are always looking for volunteers. 

Facilitate community engagement by electing an engagement officer for your business and budgeting for initiatives. Setting aside funds for community projects shows that you truly care about the causes that bring your employees the most happiness and fulfillment.

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Workflow management

Every business has its own unique approach to workflow. However, inefficient workflow management can have a detrimental impact on staff mental health. No employee wants to spend their workday jumping through unnecessary hoops or filling out paperwork that could have been automated. 

Automate menial workflow tasks to support employee wellness. This is particularly important in fields like engineering and construction, where employees have to manually input measurements with a high degree of accuracy. 

Utilizing AI in your workflow management may reduce fatigue, too. Roles that involve data management and CRMs can become monotonous quickly and may undermine employee focus and mental well-being. Embracing an automated CRM can help staff focus on tasks that improve the business’s bottom line. 

Avoid the temptation to multitask while streamlining your workflow. Multitasking may sound more efficient, but will only result in errors and a sense of being overwhelmed. Instead, decrease the number of projects that staff is working on to reduce confusion and improve clarity amongst your staff. 

The bottom line

Your employees are the bedrock of your business. Keep them healthy and happy by investing in their wellness and supporting their interests. Set aside a portion of your profits to be reinvested in gym memberships and free, nutritious meals. Give folks the time and funds they need to volunteer in the community, too. Even small gestures like time off for fundraisers can help your employees feel proud and happy at work. 


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