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Executive Edge: Mark D. Goodman

Chairman and CEO of the Boyer Coffee Co. heads staff of 41 at the Denver-based company

Lynn Bronikowski //February 4, 2015//

Executive Edge: Mark D. Goodman

Chairman and CEO of the Boyer Coffee Co. heads staff of 41 at the Denver-based company

Lynn Bronikowski //February 4, 2015//

Mark Goodman, 46, took over as chairman and CEO of the Boyer Coffee Co. two years ago after helping launch McDonald’s overall coffee strategy, including the McCafe. Today he heads a staff of 41 at the Denver-based company, which is nearing 50 years old. 

Where are you originally from?

I was born and raised in metropolitan Detroit – Ypselanti, Mich. I’m blessed to have two of the greatest parents on Earth. My father was the first African-American elected mayor of Ypselanti, and my mom was one of the administrators at the University of Michigan for 20 years.

Who inspired you growing up?

My grandmother Goodman was an entrepreneur. She used to dress windows at a department store in Detroit. In the 1950s, that was still a time of intense racial oppression — where African-American women could go and purchase clothes from major department stores but they could not try them on. She and my grandfather saved every nickel and opened Goodman Fashion Center – a place where women of all colors could purchase and try on clothes. That influenced me being in retail these 20-plus years in terms of what it means to identify a problem, find a solution and serve an entire community.

What drew you to retail?

I was raised in a family that was active in the community, so there was something about retail that appealed to me. You’re interacting with the public every day; you’re serving the public; you’re creating jobs and opportunities.

Has it always been your goal to be a CEO?

I’m enjoying the prospect of what we’re doing here to resurrect this proud Colorado company and create growth opportunities for the next 50 years and beyond.

Where do you hope to take Boyer’s Coffee?

This has been primarily a proud Rocky Mountain-based company, so we’re looking to expand it here and westward over the next few years. We will continue to grow the brand in the traditional coffee growth sectors as well as emerging areas where consumers like to drink their coffee every day. We’ll also continue to attract and build a great team to not only re-launch the brand, but have it grow into the future.

How do you intend to keep founder Bill Boyer’s legacy alive?

Being a family-run, Colorado- based company we’ll keep those foundational tenets in place. It’s a well-run private company that is focused on the community. Mr. Boyer had over a three-decade-long relationship giving back in the community, particularly the Denver Rescue Mission. These are things I’d like to continue and expand through a program we call “Sip & Serve,” which helps nonprofits.

What is your management philosophy?

I like to focus on the five “Ps,” which is what I was raised on in my family – previous preparation precedes perfect performance – really focus on the details. I also focus on what I call “QQ” – looking at things from a qualitative and quantitative lens.

What books have you read lately?

I just finished The Outsiders: Eight Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success. It describes CEOs who have had very good returns over a number of years. Many of them no one has ever heard of, so it was a very fascinating read.