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Six steps for less stress in 2015

Lauren Miller //January 9, 2015//

Six steps for less stress in 2015

Lauren Miller //January 9, 2015//

Happy, Happy New Year! Yay, a new year of life!

It’s funny how the brush of death can become the kiss of life when it comes to perspective on the things that have true worth and value.  In our culture, we are encouraged to avoid aging at all costs; heaven forbid someone asks us how old we are when we are mid-life and beyond.

As an advanced cancer conqueror, every day of every year is worth celebrating. As we enter a new year of life, pruning for positive growth is worth our attention. What is working for you? Do that more. What’s not working for you? Stop doing that. 

Prune the following six things out of your life to make room for positive action steps forward into 2015:

Procrastination: Procrastination can keep you from implementing a high-powered project.  The next time you feel like resisting taking a step forward towards completing your project stop and consider organizing one corner of your office space or three files that are associated with the project you are working on.  Fragmentation due to disorganization leads to procrastination. When you take a step in the direction of organization around a project, even if it is a small corner of organization, you will find that you create simplicity. Simplicity leads to clarity of focus, and clarity of focus leads to action based living. 

Here is some popular head trash that is often associated with procrastination: To accept myself I need to be perfect, I am resisting taking a step towards completing this project for fear of possible rejection, by myself or those around me.  Perfectionism and procrastination often walk hand in hand.  Reflect on this statement: I am willing to accept myself and honor my unique creativity with or without accomplishing this project.  You will find you often release new energy to move forward when you remember you are OK just as you are, “What would you dare to do if you knew you could not fail.” This unknown author understood a key element that needs to be in place for advancement to take place.  The ability to create can only take place in the presence of freedom. 

Universal Quantifiers: Always, Never, No one, Nothing, Nobody, Everybody, Everything…these words create All or Nothing thinking and will prevent the brain from tuning into a variety of available options needing for solution based thinking.

Modal Operators of Necessity: Have to, I Need to, I Should, I must, I Can’t…it’s necessary: this type of thinking and speaking indicates a Lack of Choice and keep you stuck in mental muck.

As you expand your ability to Explore and Tune Into several different options you will ignite solution based thinking.

Words to Use that benefit you: expand, explore, consider, trust, look into, ignite, curious, fascinating…

I invite you for the next week to take a negative thought FAST.  


Any time you blame yourself or another person take a step back from the situation and ask yourself what are you refusing to take responsibility for…it may come down to taking responsibility for your own sense of inner peace, joy and happiness.


Complaining of any kind creates an exchange of negative energy between you and yourself OR between you and another person which actually has the ability to shrink your brain size. 

Raise your awareness in 2015 of your inner self-talk and the intonation you use as your thoughts flow through your mind.  Choose to lighten your mental load by creating a positive choice of response to each situation.  

Remember that you have the ability to create what you desire to receive simply by your choice of response to life.  

Be curious and fascinated about events and reactions that you experience throughout each day and look at them as an opportunity to grow in your ability to love and create goodness in this world.


Be aware of the different faces of entitlement.  Any time you have an expectation or assumption of a specific outcome or response from life you are stuck in the muck of entitlement, which will limit your ability to explore and tune into creative options.

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