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Are you Paying Attention to your Water Quality?

The questions surrounding water in the West these days aren’t only about quantity, but quality. It’s good that people are aware of the limited availability of our most precious resource, as news coverage highlights the many issues that confront our water supply, (i.e., the thirst for water from the Colorado River; the lowering water levels of Lake Mead and Lake Powell, and all the innovative work being done in regard to water conservation and sustainability).

However, people need to also be aware that just because water is available to them, the quality may not be meeting the safest standards for drinking.

For example, recent data suggests that contaminants such as PFAS have been dramatically underestimated by previous studies, both from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) own research. More than 250 million Americans are drinking water that is over the acceptable limit for chromium-6 (the cancer-causing chemical best known for the role it played in the Erin Brockovich story). Many of us are also likely familiar with the lead water supply in Flint, Michigan that made people all over the country rethink the quality of their drinking water.

In spite of the current realities associated with the water we drink, a great deal is being done in regard to technology, filtration, regulation, legislation, and more in order to make sure that our drinking water is ultimately safe now and for years to come.

Water Filtration Systems 

Our municipalities and water utility companies are charged with the responsibility of delivering safe drinking water to our residences and places of business, but even this layer of protection doesn’t always provide the highest quality of water possible. Water filtrations systems are being created for homes and businesses that help create a final barrier. These include point of entry water filtration, (whole home, like the Nero Clear and Nero Free systems) and point of use (like the Nero Pure drinking water system).

Flexibility from Architects and Homebuilders

Responsible architects and homebuilders are realizing the importance of providing homes to people that come fully equipped with water filtration systems, or that can easily be retrofitted for a person to install a system into their home. Even with this evolution in house design, buyers need to take it upon themselves to ask the right questions about how their new home is equipped to provide safe drinking water.

Some of the questions to ask, include: Is the home plumbed with a loop for point of entry waste filtration, electrical and nearby drain? What options are provided? Does the builder/designer have a water treatment expert as an affiliate to recommend? Has the water been tested, and if so for what? Was the testing part of an extensive lab test, checking for all contaminants and not just nitrates and bacteria?

“Wellness Within Your Walls” Certification

Wellness Within Your Walls” certification guides consumers and professionals on healthier measures for home design and construction and helps to set industry standards for water quality and other environmental consideration. Homes that meet Wellness certification must adhere to a 10-step approach to ensure health and wellness in the home. The 10-steps focus on providing clean air and water; enhanced exposure to natural light; the removal of unnecessary chemicals and toxins in the home (associated with items such as carpet and furnishings); physical wellness attributes; conscious consumption; mental wellness; spiritual wellness; food science and behavioral strategies; and positive lifestyle habits.

The availability of water in the Western U.S. dramatically impacts the quality of the water we drink, and as our water resources become more limited over time, there’s nothing more important than paying close attention to the quality of the water we drink.


Photo Miguel FavorelMiguel Favorel is the co-founder of The Source H2O, a company helping to bring clean, healthy water to every source in a person’s home. He can be reached at 303-792-9799 or [email protected]. More information is available at: The Source H2O.